The education and experience of our Principals has allowed Summit Engineers, Inc. to pursue and excel in the design of projects that we categorize as critical power projects. We never tire of the challenges presented by these new and exciting projects.

solid engineering for peak performance



representative specialty projects

  • Redskins Park Training Facility: Ashburn VA- The design of a 750 KW emergency generator system. The design of the generator is in response to the number of lightning storm related outages during training camp. The system is designed to provide full capacity to the main building and an auxiliary structure. The generator provides power at two system voltages, 208/120Y and 480/277Y.

  • Gannet Offset Printing: Springfield VA- Documentation of a complex high capacity electrical service in order to implement a 2 megawatt emergency generator system. The design of the generator system allows continuous operation of over half the printing plant including full production of the regional printing of the New York Times.

  • Vanguard Research Inc.- Plasma Pyrosis Facility: Lorton VA- Cooperative design of the support systems required to operate an experimental Plasma pyrolsis system at temperatures ranging from around 1,000 degrees F to 15,000 degrees F or higher. Plasma energy provides the intense heat that chemically and physically changes to both organic and in-orgnanic material resulting in total destruction of waste. Waste mass and volume is reduced by 90-95%. The electrical system was backed by a 1 megawatt diesel generator system.

  • Marine Corp Exchange Computer Center Upgrade: Quantico VA: Design of an expanded computer back-up facility at the Quantico Marine Base to include revised computer room AC systems and a UPS design to include the provision of a manual hook-up of a mobile 400 KW Generator System.

  • Falls Church Community Center (Emergency Disaster Relief Shelter): Falls Church VA- Design of a 180 KW emergency back up system to provide a disaster shelter for the city. The system is designed to provide long term shelter while maintaining community services.

  • General Dynamics Information Systems & Technology Group: Fairfax VA-Developed a support system including a process chiller and an underground electrical system in order to mimic conditions onboard a submarine to test MPP technologies. The MPP is a submarine sonar processor that is used to determine the location of other submarines and ships in the area. The MPP replaces existing military-specific processors, providing 200 times the computing power at a fraction of the cost. The Navy awarded DSR a $40 million contract to build three engineering development models of the MPP. Subsequently, the Navy decided to use the MPP technology to upgrade the sonar equipment on most Navy submarines and to use it on the New Attack Submarines as the principal acoustic signal processor.

  • Catalyst Recovery Inc: Baltimore MD- Headquarters & research laboratory for a scientific research firm involved in the recovery of catalyst compounds from waste material. The design included multiple fume hoods and an explosion proof laboratory.