Northwest One, Washington DC: Thirteen story, 303,000SF mixed use project with 313 living units & 20,500 SF of retail & amenities spaces to include a basketball court, office space, lounge area & tenant space. The project is being designed with a central heating & cooling plant and water source heat pump system in each living unit. System features include a domestic water preheat system that recovers waste heat from the heat pump loop, a green roof, and a solar PV system. The building is seeking LEED NC 2009 certification and Green Communities Certification
The Canterbury, Washington, DC.: Eleven story, 138,000SF office building. The building will incorporate an original 40,000SF historical structure as part of the project. HVAC system features include high efficiency central chiller and bolier plant and VAV air distribution systems. Project is being drawn using BIM software and is currently seeking LEED Platinum certification.

Woodlawn Neighborhood Center, Ft. Belvior, VA: This 7,000SF neighborhood center building includes meeting space, office areas, fitness & locker rooms, maintenance area and a separate pool equipment building. The project was seeking LEED Silver certification but obtained LEED Gold Certification.

Sheridan Station, Washington DC: This affordable housing project consists of multiple buildings to include a mixture of flats, townhomes, and a four story apartment building with retail & parking. The entire project obtain Green Communities Certification as well as achieved LEED Platinum Certification.

representative LEED/ Green building projects

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3910 Georgia Avenue NW, Washington DC: Mixed- use Project-130 total Residential units on Upper Floors, 24,000 SF Retail at first floor level plus 2 levels of garage. Project includes separate central HVAC system for retail level & individual units for residential spaces. Project is currently participating in a LEED Pilot program.

14th & U (Utopia), Washington DC: This nine story high rise with additional two level garage is a mix of residential and retail space. Projects includes 300 living units and 19,000SF new retail space. Project recently obtained LEED NC Silver Certification.

The Beacon @ Clarendon (1200 North Irving St), Arlington, VA.: A ten story mixed use project with 196 living units, 18,500SF of retail space and a two level parking garage. Total construction is 334,000 gross SF. Project is currently seeking LEED Certification.